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Number of diploma hours: 300 hours
Diploma fees: 1500 JD
Diploma duration: 6-9 months
Language used: Arabic and English.


Diploma topics:

Common materials:

Computer skills
English skills
Communication skills


Specialization materials:

Automotive electrical basics

The main parts of hybrid cars and their mechanism of action.

Hybrid battery system and maintenance

Hybrid car terms

Sensors and their types.

Ignition and fuel system.

Brake system.

Gearbox – gearbox.

Internal combustion engines.

Inspect simple electrical parts.

Engine diagnostics and repair.

Public health and occupational safety


Practical part:

 Field training in car mechanics and maintenance centers and car dealership companies.

* The certificate is accredited by Cambridge College and certified by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Diploma Features: The student gets 3 free courses

– Computer skills course – English course – Communication skills course

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