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Number of diploma hours: 300 hours
Diploma fees: 700 JD
Diploma duration: 6-9 months
Language used: Arabic and English.


Diploma topics:

Common materials:

Computer skills
English skills
Communication skills


Specialization materials:

1- Hardware:

– Identify the types of phones and the operations needed to maintain the phone and mobile phone systems.

– Types of screens and the mechanism of internal screen components and their legislation.

– Identifying the external and internal components of the phone with the mention of the board (scheme).

– Learn about electricity and atoms and how to transfer electric currents and clarify volts and amps.

Charging rules (for all types of phones).

– Track circuits of tracks, including lighting, sound and screen.

Explain the work of the shipping department.

– Clarify the mechanism of work of the fallow.

– Impedances (including path diagnosis and validity).

– Installation on the jaw and chalbanese and installation of the IC

How to distinguish the current and cut it completely around the circuit.

– Learn about technical assistant programs and cellular schemes.

– The circuit of sound, lighting, transmission, screens, switches, and relays for devices.

– Connectors.

– Renewal of broken screens and crystals (decoding and installation).

2- Software:

– About frequencies, types of networks, and phone statuses.

iPhone software and programs.

iCloud decryption and decryption servers.

Protect the device from hacking or modification.

– Breaking the protection – decoding the pattern – commenting on the logo.

– Chinese tablet / Huawei* The certificate is accredited by Cambridge College and certified by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Diploma Features: The student gets 3 free courses

– Computer skills course – English course – Communication skills course

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